Our Academy

Ignite the Genius Within is a Powerful Development Program especially designed for children in the age group 10+ to create Young Leaders with strong pillars in cognitive thinking, leadership skills and life principles that will help them to be disciplined and acquire a unique skill set making them qualified and capable enough to lead their Personal and Professional Life in the right direction taking them to pre-eminent heights.

Previously Social Skills, Life Skills, Personal Development and Leadership Skills were acquired after entering the corporate sector. This armour is needed by every child in today’s competitive world and none of these skills are taught in any of the schools, colleges or universities.

With Ignite the Genius Within we can learn how to lead in life using the structured step by step full proof blue print to create geniuses. Under the Guidance of Highly Qualified Coaches with almost 10 to 20 Years of experience in the corporate and educational sector. A motivated and enthusiastic learning environment to create sharp, intelligent, structured thinking individuals with the right body language and social skills required to conquer the world.

Why to reinvent the Wheel?

When the formula is already existing. The formula is US.

Do you agree?

Our Vision

Ignite the Genius Within has a Vision to create a global transformation in young adults to increase their horizons making them a powerful force that is irreplaceable. Our youth has LIMITLESS power, energy and enthusiasm if moulded in the right direction they can take their life to New Heights of Success and we serve as a catalyst in their growth. Our aim is to touch 10,00,000 lives by bringing in the necessary transformation and training at an early age that builds them for life and not for an exam making them visionaries and thought leaders in their respective professions.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to bring positive reform by nurturing and guiding young minds to develop a skill set to make them a formidable force to reckon with. Personalised trackers, customized 121 sessions, group sessions help our students to increase their productivity, positivity, clarity, communication and confidence.