Sandhya Bajaj
CEO & Founder of Sandhya Bajaj Academy

The Visionary behind Ignite The Genius Within. Magnificent in creating business systems, goal setting, brilliant in planning daily routine and Analysis of Human Psychological Patterns. Responsible for Bi-Monthly Sunday sessions, helping the kids to go laser focused on their goals with customized affirmations that help them to overcome all barriers and internal conflicts. Experience of more than a decade working with kids Sandhya has the skills to keep them engaged and accountable.

Ravi Bajaj
Sales Catalyst | Corporate Coach

A magnificent fusion of Sales & Marketing, Communication & Leadership skills with a vast training experience of training banking professionals of more than 21 years has embarked children to the next level by creating life changing habits of reading and instilling values right from a tender age by launching the Reading Club, Video Creation to be more confident in facing the camera and overcome consciousness and Spiritual Quest. He believes leadership and street smartness and the ability to be present and think on the spot to take decisions is what makes your child unbeatable and unstoppable and accordingly brings his uniqueness in each and every session to make them future ready.

Disha Sughand
CSM - Client Success Manager

Disha as we call her Dashing Disha serves true to her name. An action taker who believes in the power of now serves as a bridge between parents and the coaches to understand any of your doubts & queries and welcomes suggestions and feedback. Regular follow ups, fixing appointments, making sure that the Trackers are updated regularly by the children, planning weekly assignments, raising the energy in the room through her intellectual games, quiz and candid conversations with the children Disha plays an important role in the smooth functioning and co-ordination.